About ATW 2017

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Keynote Lecture 01
  : Team Science for
    Donation and

Lori West (Canada)

Keynote Lecture 02
  : ABO incompatible liver
    transplantation from
    clinics to bench

Hiroto Egawa (Japan)

Keynote Lecture 03
  : Long term follow-up of
    living kidney donor

Bertram L. Kasiske (United States)

Keynote Lecture 04
  : Cell therapy in organ

Kathryn Wood (United Kingdom)

How to improve Asian Transplantation Programs
  • Transplantation in Asia: Where we stand
  • What's New in Liver Transplantation in Patients with HCC?
Informative Postgraduate Courses
  • Practical Issues in Transplantation
  • Current Guideline Review
Satellite Programs for Practical Skill
  • Surgical Techniques of DDLT&DDKT
  • Deceased Donor Organ Transplant Workshop